Policy Agenda - April 2019

As a lifelong resident of Mission Hill, Alejandra St. Guillen has been fortunate to spend the majority of her personal and working career in service to others. Recently, she was the Director of the Office for Immigrant Advancement for the City of Boston, working on the front lines with immigrant communities facing vitriol and hatred from the Federal administration. As a former teacher and a lifelong advocate, Alejandra’s public service has been defined by the countless people of this city.

That is why she is running for Boston City Council At Large. Alejandra has seen how City government directly impacts people’s lives and believes that it is the duty of those who serve this city to make sure everyone’s experience is valued. As a City Councilor, she will work to ensure that all of the people of the city have the platform to share in the process of creating the policies that have a direct impact on their day to day lives.

Alejandra’s commitment to social justice began at a very early age, guided by her father, Seimundo, who died when she was just 13 years old. In many ways her father reflects the classic immigrant story. His tenacity in learning English, love for his homeland, and his duty as a father to Alejandra and her sister, Imette. Her mother Maureen, born in New Hampshire, made a home for all of them in Mission Hill, a place where that nurtured them during the peaks and valleys of her family’s life.

Alejandra’s dedication for justice and equity escalated with the passing of her sister Imette. The sudden loss of her sister was a turning point in her understanding of the power of people working together in healing and public service. As a mother to Jose Alejandro and a wife to Josiane, she has experienced the benefits of when Boston works for all of us.

These great losses and triumphs motivate her focus to end institutional challenges to gun violence, trauma, and the criminalization of young men and women of color. Alejandra believes that the Boston City Council positioned to make meaningful changes in shaping the city and it's time that we do better for all city residents.

In honor of her father and her sister and inspired by the strength and love of her mother, son, and wife, Alejandra is committed to addressing the hardships that the city is facing head on and making a #BetterBostonForAll.